Monday, May 7, 2007

The Kaku Moment

Here's an interesting question for readers - of the following people, who all appear in Best Evidence, which one do you think I gave the "Michio Kaku" moment to, i.e. the final word?

Stanton Friedman
Mac Tonnies
Nick Pope
Don Ledger
Dick Hall
Bruce Maccabee
Brad Sparks

Did I go with a classic researcher, like Friedman or Hall, or with a high profile guy like Pope, or with a newer voice, like Tonnies?

You'll find out Thursday, but I can safely say that the person I picked absolutely nailed it.

Here's a brief quote from their statement:

"Whatever UFOs might ultimately prove to be, and we might never find out, it seems to me that they are definitely worthy of scientific consideration, if for no other reason than they effect how we think, and how we perceive the universe."
You should be able to figure out who it is from that line alone, or at the very least narrow the suspects down a bit.

Paul Kimball


BoyintheMachine said...

I torn between Pope & Tonnes.

UFO Coalition said...

Hey Paul, long time no "see".

My guess for the Kaku award would be Mr. Tonnies.

Paul Kimball said...

Indeed, it's Mac.