Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kris Lee McBride profiled in Halifax Daily News

There are days when I'm reminded that, whatever my myriad flaws, one of my strengths is an eye for talented people.

Like Kris Lee McBride, who is profiled today in The Halifax Daily News.

Someday in the not too distant future, she'll just be "famous", without the "almost" - which will lead people to revisit her first television gig, on Best Evidence.

Kris Lee McBride

The Daily News

AGE: 23

HOMETOWN: Sussex, N.B. (although she lived in Halifax while she was in elementary school)

RESIDES: Halifax


WHAT'S NEW: She's currently playing Lori in The Whores, Charles Crosby's new production that opened yesterday and runs through Saturday at the Bus Stop Theatre. "It's a more substantial role than I've had (before)," McBride said. "My family's coming up to see it, so I'm so excited."

GETTING STARTED: "I had always been in plays in elementary school, but almost everybody is," McBride said. "When I got to Grade 11, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I could do as a career and what would make me happy. And acting was the only thing that I said, 'I would really want to do this full-time for my whole life.'"

ON AUDITIONING: McBride auditioned for many theatre schools before eventually attending - and earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from - University of Windsor, and felt intimidated by the students who had attended performing arts high schools. "But I'm good at taking direction, and that helps a lot. They would say 'Try your monologue like this, and I could.' I think that probably helped me."

INSPIRATION: Julia Roberts. "It's not that I think she's the most brilliant actor, but she's good, and I want to be as famous as her," McBride said. "I also like Drew Barrymore a lot. She tends to play the same kind of roles, but she does what she does well."

HANGING OUT: She likes to go running around her Halifax neighbourhood. "I like to choose a different route each time, because then sometimes I get lost. Then I end up running further than I normally would because I need to find my way back home."

FAVE BOOK:Volkswagen Blues by Jacques Poulin

FAVE TV SHOWS:Grey's Anatomy.

FAVE MOVIES:E.T. "I think it's brilliant."

ON YOUR iPOD: Counting Crows and Joel Plaskett

FAVE FOOD: Cheese - part of her e-mail address is actually "cheesefreak."

GUILTY PLEASURE: "Cheese, because it's high in everything you're supposed to stay away from."

WORDS OF WISDOM FOR ASPIRING ACTORS: "Make sure you're always nice to people. If people you work with remember, 'Oh, she was really nice, and always on time,' they're going to want to use you in other projects. You don't want to burn any bridges, even if you don't know they're bridges at the time."
Congratulations to Kris for some well-deserved recognition!

Paul Kimball


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Hey! I like cheese too!

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