Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Paul Kimball discusses Best Evidence on Coast to Coast... sort of

Now, as you read that headline, don't get too excited - I haven't been asked to return to Coast to Coast to discuss Best Evidence. However, I was on last May for three hours, during which time I addressed a number of UFO-related subjects, including Best Evidence, which I was in the process of filming (I actually did the phone interview from my hotel room in Huntington Beach, California the same day I interviewed Brad Sparks).

You can listen to excerpts from that program here, including one about Best Evidence.

Of course, if you think George Noory should have me back on Coast to talk about the finished film, drop the good folks at Coast to Coast a line and let them know. Better yet, tell them to put together a Best Evidence roundtable, with Stan Friedman, Bruce Maccabee, yours truly, Nick Pope, Mac Tonnies, and Brad Sparks (if Brad were willing to do it). Now that would be a great show!

Paul Kimball

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